Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Worth the Wait by K.M. Neuhold Book Review

Title: Worth the Wait
Series: Sexy Nerd Boys Series
Author: K.M. Neuhold
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 6, 2015

I have issues. Like, serious, major issues. And, the last thing I want or need is a man in my life to make things more complicated. Unfortunately for me my roommates drop dead gorgeous brother seems hell bent on seducing me. And, what’s worse is that he’s kind of the perfect guy. Resisting him just might kill me.

I don’t do relationships. I prefer to keep things casual, and I’m always up front with women so that no one ever gets hurt. But, my sister’s new roommate…yeah I might have a small obsession. What the hell is a guy supposed to do though when he meets a woman who is not only beautiful but also feisty, fun, and way into nerd culture? I may be doomed.

**Recommended for readers 17+ due to mature themes





I received free book in exchange for an honest review.

This is Neuhold’s debut book and my first time reading her. I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone over the last year. I’ll read anything that sounds good. I was interested by the story line having married a Sexy Nerd myself, it pulled me in. I’ll be completely honest and say you had me at 6% in when Ethan referred to himself as a “douchecaneo!” It’s totally an underrated word!! I read this within 24 hours and immediately picked up the second book..."Naughty Angel!"

I’m really a big fan of alternating POV. I like seeing both sides and hate just seeing a whiny woman’s side, however, Abby is no whiny woman. I loved her strong feminist attitude. Be warned this book goes over some really deep issues…there’s rape, domestic abuse and verbal abuse in this book so it isn’t just a fluff love story. I like seeing how someone can go from being a doormat in a relationship to the one calling all the shots. The characters were developed nicely and the background characters were talked about enough to cause interest in them. 

4 Stars!