Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bright light, great product!

Digital Thermometer – Fast Reading 10 to 25 seconds – Jumbo Lighted LCD Display – Flexible Tip – Waterproof – Safe for Babies, Children, & Adults

Product Description:

We know the agony of parents with sick and crying babies and children. You need fast accurate temperature readings to know if you need to call a doctor or give more medicine. So we developed the best digital thermometer ever:

- Fast results - rectal 10 sec., oral 20 sec., under-arm 25 sec (average time)

- Beeps when temperature reading is ready

- Easy read display - the largest LCD display available

- Accurate - tested in laboratory conditions to be accurate within 0.2 degrees F - Lighted display readable even in a dark room

- Soft flexible tip - painless and safe for wiggly kids

- Safe - No glass or mercury (like old fashioned thermometers your parents used)

- Waterproof - even use it in the bathtub

- Portable - comes with plastic case for easy carrying in purse or diaper bag

- Measure in F or C degrees - push button switchable

Satisfaction guaranteed - 100% money back guarantee - no-hassle refund available, just contact Amazon if you are unsatisfied for any reason

My Review:


I received this within 2 days and immediately pulled it out to play with it. I had just gotten over a bad cold and our current thermometer had quit working after years of use! I loved the bright color of it so instead of blending into your medicine cabinet or drawers it pops right! I don’t know about you all but I’m always misplacing mine!

A day a two after I received it I got an email from the company making sure everything was ok and making sure I had the instructions for it…great customer service!!

I think what I like best about this thermometer is the light. It’s a bright light but it doesn’t hurt your eyes in the dark. I also like the large display screen. It’s so big you can see it hovering over your sick kiddo, no need to get too close now! Plus the soft tip makes it so it isn’t painful to place under your tongue!

All-in-all I would totally buy this again and recommend it! Mine also did beep, I know some reviewers are talking about not hearing a beep but it might have to do with a low battery or a broken thermometer. It should work, if not, contact the company they seem very responsive to customers!!

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* I received this product at a free or discounted rate in exchange for a honest review.