Friday, April 22, 2016

I'm never disappointed in a JD Robb book!

There’s just something about a JD Robb book that no other book can do for me. I guess after 43 books in the series you form this closeness with these characters, these letters in a book. That’s a good write, to me. Someone who can put letters on a page and turn them into people you cry over, laugh at, and find yourself caring for. I’ve never had an imaginary friend but I imagine this is what’s like!

I completely love this series. This book was great because I think we’re starting to see Eve comfortable with her life. She’s settling and getting used to all her “family” around her. There are a few of these books that are super hard to read due to the crimes in the book…this is one of them. The content is hard and you don’t know who to route for in this book. It’s a good read…just like JD Robb always is! You’ll never be disappointed with her!