Thursday, April 28, 2016

Never Smile at Strangers by Jennifer Jaynes

Title: Never Smile at Strangers

Series: Strangers Series

Author: Jennifer Jaynes

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Release Date: January 27, 2015



When nineteen-year-old Tiffany Perron vanishes without a trace, the residents of rural Grand Trespass, Louisiana, launch a desperate search to find her. But few clues are unearthed, and before long another young woman disappears.
As locals continue to vanish, residents begin to discover that they might not know those closest to them as well as they had thought. Lies and insecurities quickly surface, leading everyone to question one another…and their involvement in the disappearances.
Meanwhile, an unstable, twisted killer is hiding quietly in their midst. Ever since his mother’s murder four years earlier, he’s been forced to raise his disturbed teenage sister. He’s terrified of her—and of women in general—and his world revolves around his fear of and obsession over them.
In this USA Today bestselling thriller, debut novelist Jennifer Jaynes delivers a psychologically riveting page-turner that is packed with surprises and will have readers guessing to the very last page.







I stumbled upon this book on Friday night and finished it by Saturday when I realized there was a book 2. I ended up spending my whole weekend in the land Jennifer Jaynes created. I attribute Jaynes with my new found love of suspense/psychological thrillers. She quickly made her way into my top 5 favorite authors…with only three total books; I’d say that is an amazing accomplishment! Fans of mystery novels and tension-filled psychological thrillers will genuinely enjoy reading "Never Smile at Strangers."

I could not put this book or the sequel Ugly Little Thing down. They were both wonderful books that captivated you. I found that I felt so sorry for the killer in this story, he/she was obviously a very abused child; mentally, physically, and sexually.

In her first book she tackles a very serious subject matter, mental illness. I think it’s done beautifully. There are quite a few characters in this book but nothing that’s too hard to keep up with. The characters are people you can feel for and relate to. I’ve seen several of her reviews that say this is a “dark” book or it had too much sex or vulgarity. I could not disagree more; there wasn’t one single part in this book or the others for that matter that took it too far for me. I think when you pick up a thriller and/or psychological suspenseful book, you should understand that it’s suppose to get your heart rate up, it’s suppose to scare you. It did and it was perfect!!! 

Well done Jaynes!! This was a superb debut novel!! I’ve recommended it to several people! Totally a 5 star!!

I received this free book in exchange for an honest review.