Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Precision in getting those fine pesky hairs

Micro Slant Tweezers

Product Description
Size: Micro Slant
Pluck Like A Pro
Do you find that you or your poor victim are flinching whenever you get out
the tweezers?
Is it a good bet that you're not going to pluck the target on the first try?
Do you wish you could do away with all the guesswork, uncertainty, and fear?
Now you can with professionally calibrated, hand-sharpened, stainless steel slanted
tweezers from Got Glamour.
Hand-Sharpened in the USA: We use our patented sharpening machine to hone our
stainless steel tweezers to an ultra precise point that can capture even the most
stubborn hair or splinter.
Don't Flinch: Whether it's you or a loved one, you'll have that hair or splinter out
before you know it thanks to a precise alignment and grip.
Built To Last: With American engineering and solid construction, you'll be able to
count on these tweezers to do the job for years.
The Got Glamour Guarantee: When you've Got Glamour, you've got quality.
But if anything ever goes wrong or your tweezers aren't performing up to snuff, just
let us know and we'll quickly get you a refund or replacement.
When it comes to pulling out that tiny hair, plucking those eyebrows, or
grabbing that stubborn splinter, you want to get it right the first time. 

My Review:

I know most people think “Ack, I’m not spending $20 on tweezers!!” I’ve thought that myself but if you are thinking those cheap set of tweezers are “fine” or “good enough” you are wrong! You will not be disappointed with these plus, believe me; these are fantastic you are going to be amazed at all the fine hair they are able to grab. If you work in the profession, these are what you need to those tiny, nearly invisible hairs. I’ve always drove myself crazy and have taken an hour to pluck my eyebrows but no more and they look better than they did before!
I have pretty thick eyebrow hairs that are these annoying small little black dots when they're incredibly short, but these tweezers are sharp enough to grab them without pinching that thin sensitive skin. 

These Tweezers feel so good the hands too. They don't slip around, despite not being textured. They are also very thin but they don’t feel delicate like you’re going to break them. I love that it says made in the USA right on them, such a silly thing that meant a lot to me. When delivered it comes in a little black/clear pouch to hang up if you want or to put in a drawer and keep them from stabbing everything or getting damaged in your purse. This is incredibly helpful if you keep them with your other makeup or facial accessories. They definitely are sharp so you’ll want to keep the case. They also came with a super small band around the end to keep the tips together, which I will use. Plus it just looks so much more professional. 

I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

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