Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ugly Young Thing by Jennifer Jaynes

Title: Ugly Young Thing

Series: Strangers Series 2

Author: Jennifer Jaynes

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Release Date: March 3, 2015


Sixteen-year-old Allie has already experienced a lifetime of horror, having lost her mother and serial killer brother to mental illness.
Returning to her childhood home in Louisiana, Allie ends up in foster care and is placed with Miss Bitty, an eccentric but kindly older woman who shows her a new direction and brighter future.
But Allie’s new life takes a devastating turn when young women in the area start turning up dead, and she begins to see shadowy figures outside her bedroom. As Miss Bitty grows inexplicably distant, a nagging voice makes Allie wonder if death has found her yet again…or if it never really left her at all.






This book was seriously amazing! Jaynes has done a brilliant job capturing Allie's journey along with all the hardships she endures. This is a girl I feel for and getting in her head was a terrifyingly, twisty road! She was seriously her own worst enemy and I wanted to help her! I knew the teenage years were hard but they have nothing on Allie!! The end...well I could not even imagine that ending! Shocking, to say the least!!

Jaynes does a wonderful job of misleading the readers, letting their minds wonder to characters that may or may not be guilty. You are definitely going to be shocked at the ending. It finally pieces everything together. I really think this book gives you a type of closure on Allie. Everything you want answered is but Jaynes doesn’t leave her book lovers satisfied….she leaves us wanting more…more Allie, more Strangers, just more background on everything!

Mrs. Jaynes...I would LOVE to read about that mom's story! How disturbed she must have been!
Thank you for giving me a very enjoyable weekend reading both your books in 2 days! I’d also be interested in hearing about Miss Bitty’s life.
Well done Jaynes!! Totally another 5 star!!
I received this free book in exchange for an honest review.