Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Light Up LED Balloons

Light Up LED Balloons

Glow in the Dark Up to 18 Hours - Safe for Kids

Futuristic Party Supply, Decorations -

Great for Birthdays, & Weddings

5 Pack Multi-Color - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


So these are nice and the idea is there...it's the execution that needs some work. I loved the idea of these balloons but there's an issue with the way the batteries are set up. If you're using these for small children just watch that when you pull the paper out of the balloons that batteries don't fling out too. Also, some balloons were super bright and some you could barely tell where on. These were a disappointment to be quite honest. I was bummed. So don't tell your kids about them until  you're sure they work for you all and you have enough.

I have them 3 stars because I really feel like they have potential. There's some kinks but they just need to be worked out.

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