Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Diamond Cut 24pc Cutlery Set in Wood Block

Diamond Cut 24pc Cutlery Set in Wood Block


This set of knives are very flimsy and bend easily. It seems as if the blade will stay attached to the handle for long. I like having all knives in a secure place where there isn't much of a chance of getting poked accidentally. There's 14 slots which means people who purchase this need to have space for 10 knives. 

I like the thought of a cheese and pizza knife but again, they seem very flimsy. I get kind of scared when I use them because the knife part moves and bends.  I think my biggest problem is I have been cooking for years and I know what I want or need. This set of knives would be perfect for those who aren't as experienced or people starting out. I would think it would work well for people just starting our or bachelors.


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