Saturday, February 11, 2017

Finding Strength by Reagan Hollow

Finding Strength
A Club Dark Novel
by Reagan Hollow
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense


As if tragedy hasn’t already struck her one too many times, Lacey
finds herself captive in the trunk of a car, scared out of her mind.
Already knowing who her captor is, Lacey must dig deep and find
her strength to not only save her life, but the life of the man she’s grown to

After finally allowing himself to love again, Cory’s world is
thrown upside down when he learns of Lacey’s kidnapping. Stirring up feelings
from the past, Cory quickly spirals out of control, leaving a path of
destruction in his wake.

Can Cory pull it together long enough to save the girl he loves?
Can Lacey hang on, or will she give in and give her captor what he
Are they both destined to a life of constant tragedy?

Author Reagan Hollow is a breakthrough author from Atlanta, Georgia. Reading is her passion and she's always longed to write a book. Her debut novel, Finding Home released on July 17th, 2016. She enjoys spending time with her four kids and her husband who always keep her on her feet.

You can find her at her computer, reading a book, or occasionally on the beach somewhere hot and sunny.She also enjoys working as an extra in the many tv shows/films that are filmed in her area, with vampires being among her favorite.

Her writing is along the lines of Romantic Suspense and Paranormal

I can’t recall now how I stumbled upon this author but, by God, I am completely happy with it!! Finding Home and Finding Strength are both amazing books!! There was nothing in this book that left me wanting. I was looking forward to Finding Strength that it felt like forever! It did not disappoint me one bit!!

This book starts off right where Finding Home leaves off and I was so very happy at the change of POV. I so wanted inside Cory’s head in the last book… needed it! So to get there this time, well it made this book utterly perfect!! I love Lacey and Cory! You could feel Cory’s love in this book and how Lacey just wouldn’t give up. They both had to dig down deep to find their strength. The secondary characters… Amber and Alex are great! I am pleading that we get an Alex and Amber book(s) just more of this group!!

Even if Reagan Hollow is completely done here and wants to move on… you can bet your last dollar that I’ll follow her! I loved her writing. She has this perfect balance of suspense that makes you unable to put her book down. You’ll look at the clock and wonder how it’s 3am when you just stared reading. Hollow does that to you! She combines the suspense that keeps you reading “just one more page” and the deep emotion so it’s just not possible to read a little at a time.

Remember, this is a duet. You have to read Finding Home to understand this book. It just won’t work without book one. It’s worth it though.

I received an ARC of this book with the hope that I will leave an Unbiased Opinion. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that... my opinions.

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