Thursday, December 1, 2016

Coming Home by Wendy Smith

Title: Coming Home
Series: Copper Creek #1
Author: Wendy Smith
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2016


Coming home is bittersweet for Adam Campbell. His mother has cancer, but for some reason doesn’t want him there. One of his brothers welcomes him home with open arms, another treats him like dirt.

Then there’s Lily, the girl who left Adam at the altar twelve years ago. The girl who broke his heart. Adam left and didn’t look back after that happened, but being home stirs up all those old feelings.

Secrets will be revealed, including the horrifying truth about why Lily stood him up, and that she didn’t abandon Adam. Adam abandoned her.

Coming Home is the first book in the Copper Creek series. Set in the fictional small New Zealand town of Copper Creek, the series will explore the dark secrets the town holds, including the secrets held tight by members of the Campbell family. This is not your everyday romance, but a twisty tale that takes turns no one will see coming.

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Author Bio

Wendy Smith published as Ariadne Wayne for 3 years before deciding she didn’t want to be someone else all the time. Heavily influenced by stories in the media, she decided to try something new, and the Copper Creek series was born. With lots of love and a touch of darkness, her stories will twist their way into your heart.

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My Review

Second chance romances are some of my favorite books. Although, Adam and Lily have a tough spot to come back from. They were each other’s first everything. You know, the high school sweethearts who are so in love they MUST get married as soon as they can. Life is perfect, until Lily stands Adam up. Lily also seems to skip town and not look back, leaving a broken Adam behind. Adam heads out to hide from the pain and hurt. He joins the US and stays for over 10 years. He returns home after word of his mother’s illness reaches him.

Over the years, Adam has been fed some lines by a very trustworthy source. He believes Lily has moved on with another local boy. Once he returns though, he sees how wrong everything is. He’s been fed bullsh*t for years and believed every work. Lily has also had the same thrown at her all while having something very precious of Adams.

Adam and Lily can’t seem to stay away from each other after a, literal, run in. Lily sees a man who has grown into something gorgeous. While Adam sees a completely different Lily. She’s tired and too thin.

This book is their journey into forgiveness and learning the truth about their past and people in their lives. I was so super excited to see that Copper Creek is going to be a new series. I loved this group of guys and can’t wait to see them settle down and find love. I also love reading series because you usually get to catch up with previous characters so I’m hoping to see updates on Lily and Adam.

There’s a lot going on in this book. You get sucked in and so surprised with who does what.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.