Friday, October 14, 2016

Fabulous Bachelorette Shower Party Photo props

  • MAKE EVERY MOMENT A MEMORABLE ONE!: You’ll take hundreds of pictures during your bridal shower and bachelorette party – why not make them stand out? Add a touch of whimsy and a dash of cute to every last photo booth picture or selfie that is guaranteed to make you look back to your special day with fondness, each and every time you take a peek at your cherished pics!
  • OUT OF THE PACKAGE, ON WITH THE SHOW!: Bridesmaids, friends of the bride and the bride itself should stress not! You won’t have to glue any pieces or have to tie a single knot! Our amazing props come pre-assembled, so you don’t have to waste a single minute struggling with a hot glue gun or lengthy, puzzling instructions!
  • COMPLETE PARTY KIT: We’re offering you 22 amazing props, for all your friends and bridal party to enjoy. Our kit includes amazing, intricate mask designs, tiaras, glasses, pouty lips, lipstick and cute badge die cut images! Take a look at our listing’s pictures and check out the entirety of our kit’s contents!
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Deeply pigmented, durable cardboard attached on wooden sticks. Our props will brighten your pictures and put a smile on everyone’s face! Lively colors and even more fun designs will have your loved ones vying to take a picture using one or more of your beautiful photo booth props!
  • FROM WEDDING PREP ALL THE WAY TO THE RECEPTION: Our kit comes in a neat package, ready for gift giving, or transport to your bachelorette party destination! These props are essential party supplies – in addition to the pre-wedding festivities, you can also use them in your wedding reception photo booth, and give them out as favors to your beloved bridesmaids, as a reminder of your lasting bond! Purchase Now The Best Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props Kit On Amazon!
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This bridal party photo booth set is really cute. They are made from a cardstock paper, with a wooden skewer like stick to hold it by. They look pretty easy to reattach if they do come off, a little glue gun and it's fixed. The colors are bright, fun, and very girly. I love the glitter on some of them. Some of the props are a little small in my opinion but still cute. I also think the set is overpriced. While the props are super cute, they look like something I would buy at the dollar tree or party city. So they nearly $20 is a bit too much for what you get...maybe if the props were larger but not this size.

*I received this item at a free or reduced rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.