Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Coleman Adjustable Shoulder Strap Pet Carrier

Coleman Adjustable Shoulder Strap Pet Carrier


  • The Coleman pet carrier is Airline Approved, conforming to under-seat storage specifications, for small dogs (up to 15 lbs.) Packs down small for easy storage
  • No worries about Fluffy wandering off while the bag’s open, because the built-in collar clip keeps your pet close and secure
  • The zippered mesh top lets your pet see you (and vice versa), while keeping it securely stowed
  • Comes with both a removable shoulder strap plus dual top-handle grab-and-go straps
  • Open dimensions: 17” wide x 10 tall x 7.5” deep

Check the Coleman Carrier out HERE



My kitty hates carriers, every single thing about them. She will wail like your plucking her hairs our if you try to put her in one. This Coleman Carrier is so on another level than any other person carrier out there!

If you look at my photos included you can see my kitty laying down. She's just handing out!! No problem. There's a couple reasons behind this carriers awesomeness...first, it is nearly covered in mesh so your animal can see out at nearly every angle. I think that was a major problem for us, she couldn't see us.

Plus, most other carriers are hard and uncomfortable. But this carrier is soft and flexible. She laid right down once in the carrier, that is a major achievement for us!

Now, the straps are excellent! I love having the option to carry with my hand, or after I've bought stuff from the vets, just put the shoulder strap on. I haven't tried the collar clip on the inside as I want my girl to have free range, it is just small after all, but if you have a handful of an animal this clip will help keep them in place.

I know when people review items for free or discounted people tend to not look as closely at their reviews but I would gladly pay for this carrier. It's the only one we will use now. Oh, I nearly forgot, it also folds up super easily so you can store it anywhere.

Use the hashtag below to search for my YouTube video on this carrier, yes, that's how awesome it is, I did a video. You'll hear that my cat doesn't make a peep in it. She also just lays down. Complete perfection! Not a thing I would change!

I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.