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If any of my readers have any questions or concerns please email me at:

Review Request
To request a review shoot me an email at!
I will respond within a week if I’m interested in your book.

Please take note of the following:
  • I will accept print copies, as well as E-copies in Kindle and ePub formats, I will also accept books in PDF format. The ePub is my least favorite and will take longer to review than the other forms.
  • You can email us and we will give you the link to our full site statistics if you please.
  • If I don’t respond within one week, I am not interested in your request. Sorry!

What to Expect from My Reviews
My reviews will contain the following:
  • Book Cover
  • Synopsis
  • Goodreads Link
  • Star Rating
Optional (please let me know if you want this added into the review)
  • Purchase Links
  • Author/Publisher Social Media links (please supply)
  • Author’s Bio (please supply)
  • Promotional Material such as trailers, praise, or quotes from others (please supply)

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