Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fairy Business by Cindy C. Cole

 Fairy Business 

by Cindy C. Cole

Paperback comes in Large Print

154 Pages



Zenia and Evion are twin fairies living in Wingdom, where boys grow up to be tooth fairies and girls, fairy godmothers, but Zenia longs to follow in her father's footsteps. So she spies on her brother's tooth fairying classes to learn everything she can in the hopes of becoming the first female tooth fairy. But trouble ensues when she is forced and gets stuck in the human world with a little girl named Sadie. Her sister Evion comes to the rescue, but upon their return home they discover someone has been stealing the rare dental amalgams used to create fairy dust. Will the girls, along with the help of their new friends, be able to solve the mystery in time to save fairies from becoming stuck in the human world forever?




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About the Author

Cindy C. Cole
Cindy C. Cole is the writer and mother of five who wrote Fairy Business a few years ago, using her three youngest children as her inspiration. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and children, and five cats. 

Fairy Business was a labor of love, written with excitement and gusto, and edited in a matter of months. Being my first chapter book, it took much longer than the few picture books I had done prior. The characters are based on my identical twin daughters and youngest son. The story is about twin fairies who are growing up to become fairy godmothers, but the youngest twin, Zenia, wishes to be the first female tooth fairy in Wingdom. While she strives to reach this goal, she stumbles into a few problems along the way. With the help of her sister, Evion, and a few unlikely friends, will she be able to overcome these obstacles? I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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My Review

My daughter was completely thrilled with this book. She felt like she was the girl that Zenia had visited for her tooth fairy business for the first time. She had the brown, long ringlets with long eyelashes and freckles. Of course, she realized later that it wasn't her but she loved it!

If you have a beginner reader that needs some confidence this is the perfect book for her! It is more of a girl book but I think boys would like it too. There are some words that are a bit of a struggle and the names are a little difficult but, again, it's a great book for those learning to read. With a little bit of assistance your child will be able to read this book no problem. So it did take us a bit longer than normal "easier" books but it was nice to have a bit of a challenge. 

This story is wonderfully, imaginative! The characters are wonderful and so fun. The illustrations are super adorable!! I do wish they were in color since we were reading this at night it was a bit harder to see. 

 This wonderful story told a fun, creative tale and taught important lessons learned by  characters. This charming story has it all for young readers and even enjoyment to make you smile at your child reading it. Young readers will be entranced. The major theme in this charming book is that helping others really does make you feel special and good inside.