Monday, September 12, 2016

Tracing Holland By Alyson Santos



Tracing Holland

By Alyson Santos

Night Shifts Black (Book 2)

Released: September 12, 2016




Callie asked if I was ready. And that’s the question, isn’t it? Ready for what? The  spotlight? The music? Or ready for life. Ready to face the reality that what I was is going to attack the very fabric of who I am now. No one knows I’m a different person. Well, no one except the two most important people in my life, which is why there’s a remote chance I might actually pull off the comeback I never saw coming.

Then again, that was before Holland Drake crashed into my life. I didn’t ask for her. Heaven knows she didn’t ask for me. But sometimes it’s not about what makes sense; it’s about accepting that not everything will. It’s learning you have a choice when it feels like you don’t. It’s believing even the worst past can still have a future.

And sometimes it’s none of that. Sometimes it’s survival. A blind fight through the pain as you cling to any shred of hope you can find. And it’s those moments, those desperate pleas into the darkness for a flicker of light, when you have no choice but to confront the blessing that often feels like a curse:

You’re still alive. You’re still significant.

You’re once again Luke Craven, frontman for Night Shifts Black.

**This novel is a work of fiction and intended for mature readers. Events and persons depicted are of a fictional nature and use language, make choices, and face situations inappropriate for younger readers. Please note this book also addresses the issues of depression and suicide in a compassionate, realistic manner. 



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Tracing Holland is Book 2 of Night Shifts Black. These books are amazing. Tracing Holland is utterly amazing since you get to step into Luke’s mind. There were so many people upset with the first book NSB and Casey coming into the scene. I think you need to think about depression though. Someone depressed can’t go falling in love while being depressed...they don’t have that  mental health going on. Love is much more than lust.

I think Santos took these books on the perfect path. The readers learn about depression and what loved ones go through trying to love them. But the bond that was formed in the first book just continues to grow in the second.

When Luke visited Casey’s family and the ‘scene’ unfolded just pissed me off!!! I was mad for several reasons...for him being abandoned by his friends and for people to think this scene was acceptable. I was just floored. I also just adored Holland...she was exactly what Luke needed in this story, she believed in him and never questioned him.

My favorite quote from this book was from Luke, when he said: “I can hide in plain sight better than any person on this planet.” This is a sentence that explains depression so much! Not only do they feel invisible but they want it, they thrive in it!! But it really puts it in perspective how depression messes with you!!

I also loved Jesse being added to the story and how Luke saw himself in him. I think Jesse made him want to be better and do better. There was just so much growth in this book. It was heartwarming. I gotta add ...Oh my goodness…these guys on the tour! Pulling pranks….I just adore them! They were so funny!!!

I received an ARC of this book for in exchange for an honest review.